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blog post 10; Apple wants all our money

Posted by megisbell on September 25, 2017

A lot of big cooperate business deep down care about how much money they can make and how much can they scam people. I mean, with this said, I don’t believe every big business is this way. It is a big pattern throughout business and marketing though.

Apple is a big contributor to this statement, Don’t get me wrong I love Apple. I’m pro Apple and would never buy anything other than Apple products BUT they sure do know how to get your money.

Every year Apple has come out with new iPhones and new updates. They never cease to amaze us. If you’re a technology junkie, like myself, then you’ll always want the new iPhone no matter what. Apple has created so many loyal customers that they know they can market whatever price and people will line up and buy the new phone. The new iPhone X is marketed at a whopping $1000 retail price. I mean, to me that sounds ridiculous but guess who’s probably going to buy it? Me. This is how it all works. Apple customers are loyal and apple will just continue to take our money. Apple is also a dominating company. Trying to out do them is challenging because of how successful they are. Apple is the top dog and it’ll take a lot to take them down in my opinion.




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Blog post #10: Money money 

Posted by connerjblack on September 25, 2017

Corporations main goal will always be to make money, they can claim it’s anything else, but everything they do is for the companies benefits and not really anyone else’s. Which in a business’s stand point is a good strategy.

I’m not  supporting corporations treating workers poorly or treating consumers like pigs to a troph, but I do understand why they would. This works more than half our lives are spent trying to make money, and with the system we live in some our on top and others follow from under. Not everyone can be a winner. People who own big corporations or are higher in the rankings understand that. They know that they have to do what they have to do to get on top, so they do what they can to make money. 

I’m not supporting that in any way, but I feel as people we all have to realize that money is a thing in this world that everyone wants to have. May it be for bad or good reasons. I mean honestly why are most of us going to college? Guarantee most will say to get a high paying job. Its what we strive for. So maybe one day any of us could be that guy the college kids are complaining about. 

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Blog #10

Posted by kora2021 on September 25, 2017

It is crazy to think that to corporations, the audience is viewed as just another statistic. Customer service should be a main priority within a company. Which, a lot of the time it is claimed to be but is it really? I believe that companies are more interested in promoting their self image/ brand rather than pleasing customers. The fact that a company is more likely to respond quickly via twitter than a phone call is a prime example of this. It is crucial that companies clear up communication barriers within themselves to develop a more customer-friendly system. This could help to encourage better customer ratings and have better reviews. Corporations are more concerned with making a profit but how do you acquire profit without customers?

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Blog 10

Posted by Cody Mason on September 25, 2017

I worked in one corporate company job in my life so far, my other jobs have been very small locally owned businesses and the connection with the employees and the community is much better there. My first job was at Sonic Drive in, I was a cook. Like others in the class have posted, there was no connection between lower level employees and the management. At my other jobs, where I worked at a locally owned indoor go-kart track (We will call it BIK for reference). Here I could really understand the levels of marketing and customer appreciation, because the business solely relied on the customer in order to stay open. Being 100% entertainment and offering no goods to the community, the marketing individual at BIK really had to make sure the customers were getting the experience they saw in the TV commercial or in the Facebook ad that read “40MPH GO-KARTS”. Like the essay states, each tier of the corporate business must communicate the interactions between employee and customer. So us as track marshall employees directly deal with the customer. We had to report and convey the customers comments and actions to the management team. They would sit down with the marketing individual at BIK and decide if the tragedies were working or not. I will put in a link to their most recent ad being run on the internet. I think its gold personally.

After reading the article and working that job, I think the stars have aligned on why the owner does business the way he does. Many things that I questioned while employed, I now have the answers to.

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Blog Post #10

Posted by zschwarzkopf on September 25, 2017

Do big corporations actually care about anything else other than the money that they make? I think it is hard to actually see it any other way, especially when there is an emergence of millions saying that their time under bosses and bigger companies complain that “nobody cares about me” or “I just feel like I’m being used” and I feel like this happens a lot. While every corporation isn’t like this, it is almost certainly happening 75% of the time.

One of the prime examples of this is with Apple. Apple makes and sells new models as if their sales are depleting. They just rush the newest model out as soon as they can, when some are still getting used to their older model. Now this may seem smart, but it really isn’t. There is virtually no different modifications to the next model of phone they are selling, but they will jack the price up higher than ever because they know that it will sell. The newest and best thing basically doesn’t mean anything especially when things you want incorporated are never actually brought up.

Customer service is probably the worst aspect of bigger companies. They say that they will do anything to make their customers happy, and advertise only the smaller instances where they did little out of their way to make their customer satisfied. They will use examples where the smallest amount of help makes them seem like they do everything for anyone, they don’t. Usually corporations don’t even consider anything unless it benefits their name or their brand.

I just wish that customers were of the utmost importance and not money. If that were actually the case, then things would go more smoothly. The brand would grow and everyone would be happy.

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Blog post 10

Posted by georgianuckols on September 25, 2017

I sometimes think corporate America is dumb. This article makes me see that it really is. Corporations have issues internally as well as externally. Sometimes companies end up focusing on too much on efficiency and that does not always end well. Time for me to crack out another sports story (don’t worry it’s not completely about hockey this time).
Fox Sports recently cut all written work from their site. It’s all videos, not a single thing of written content to be found. Video production is considered “more-lucrative”, it creates more ad revenue, and people love videos so this was the best option right? Actually no, it has brought down the traffic on the Fox Sports site, doing the exact opposite from what they wanted. Somewhere in the management of Fox something got mixed and they missed the communications mark with their audience. It may be strange to hear in today’s world but people still like to read articles
Another point that gets brought up in “Advocating for New Management Logics in Marketing and Corporate Communication” is how companies are “hearing“ their customers and that gets turned into numbers rather than really hearing what the customer may be saying about the company. The way listening is described reminds me of my previous post where I talk about the Colorado Avalanche and how they’ve figured out fans (i.e. customers) want and have figured out how make that work for them.
Companies have a long way to go to learn the new ways of the media world today. Because they are corporations and not people, it will never be perfect because profit is always the first priority. But learn to communicate internally and externally, corporate America.

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Blog Post #10 Big Business

Posted by chazyoung22 on September 25, 2017

Big business is certainly a huge thing in today’s culture. But do they really care about us as consumers? The answer is probably not. Most major businesses only care about making money. This is not the case for some companies, but it is this way for most of them.

An example of this is Apple. They do have great phones, and I even own one. With that being said, every year they release a new model, and most years there really isn’t any difference in the newest model. This is because Apple knows that no matter what, a new iPhone release will sell a lot of phones.

Big businesses also have TERRIBLE customer service options. There are a few exceptions, but for the most part, it is garbage. You will be on the phone for an hour just to have them tell you to try to turn it off and back on. This is another reason that it seems that big business doesn’t care about the consumers as much as they should.

The customer service issue is due mostly to lack of communication to other branches of the company. They are their own thing. This can cause confusion for the customer service branch. I’d like to think that if big businesses were more unified, they would function better, and they would help their consumers more.

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Blog 10: Marketing and Communication

Posted by shelbythite on September 25, 2017

Reading this article made me imagine a robot simply telling someone what they want to hear. That’s how I envois customer service. It always begins with a “We’d love to hear from you”, from the company, a phone call from the customer and an hour of waiting only for an automated recording to tell the customer that it will “let someone know shortly”. Customer service has almost become some sort of joke. Most people find that trying to call and complain or right a wrong, isn’t even worth it anymore because they know that they’re only looking forward to an hour of uncomfortable conversation with a sassy worker that hates their job.
I found the point about bring customer issues to public attention interesting. Corporate businesses are almost like cliché teenage girls, as in they have a false sense of identity online. When someone points out an issue online, the company immediately responds because they don’t want other people to think less of them. As to where is someone where to point an issue out individually, one-on-one, the company would be in no rush to address the problem at hand.
As I had mentioned in a previous post, when the woman from Evansville tried to contact Walmart about the poorly located sign referencing “being a hero” about a gun case, they wouldn’t answer. However, after she tweeted Walmart with a picture they told her not to worry because they would get on that immediately. This just goes to show that companies are putting on a front. They want their audience and potential customers to think that they care so that they will take part in their business, but when it comes down to it, their only interest is making themselves look good.

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Blog #10

Posted by averyhoskins on September 25, 2017

While reading “Advocating for New Management Logics in Marketing and Corporate Communications”, by Sam Ford, I came the realization that to corporations, we consumers are just a number on paper. They take few needs from consumers and put them through statistical calculations just to make a better profit. They do not focus on the need of all customers, only the big things that matter. This is a big factor to bad customer service. Those who work in this section of a company can only do so much for individual customers. Big corporations do not care if only a handful of people are unhappy with their product. They do this just for the money. America is becoming so money driven that we are all becoming robots. Doing occupations we hate, just to have the biggest nicest things. Just like us, corporations are doing the same thing. Take Apple as an example. They want to have the best phone out there, but they cannot make their chargers last more than a couple months because they are too busy making the next IPhone or Mac.

Another thing that stood out to me is that corporations do not have good communication with all levels in the business. I see this in my own job. With simple things like product placement. Corporate wants it one way, while managers and I agree that things should be moved around and they would sell better. We put this to the test and moved product and it was actually selling, but when we had a general manager come into the store, we had to change things back as they went against what cooperate wanted.

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Blog Post 10: Disconnections in Corporations

Posted by ellietolbert on September 24, 2017

Something discussed in the article is the idea that big corporations can be very separate with not a lot of communication between different sections of the company. I think this can be a major issue because without communication within the business, many problems can arise in the different sections. As I read, an example of this came to me, for a just so happened to read an article about Starbucks’ problems with the disconnect between sections a couple of weeks ago.

Apparently, Starbucks is one of those big businesses who has very separate sections in their staff. Starbucks baristas have come out to say this is problematic for them. Baristas are lower level employees of the business, and they have almost no contact or connection to the corporate workers. Store managers are left to staff their stores, and baristas have said that many stores are purposefully understaffed so the managers save more money. This is complicated because baristas have a variety of jobs they have to do as well as “make emotional connections with the customers”. Not only this, but Starbucks’ employees are making less than the average salary for baristas. All of these problems are ones the corporate executives have to handle, yet the employees have no connection to them.

While all of this is happening, however, Starbucks is growing in sales. So it all comes down to the question, does the success of the company trump employee’s well being? I think the employees should come first, and although it may be difficult and even cause Starbucks to lose money, I think corporations need to build better communication so baristas feel they are supported.

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