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Netflix and Soap..

Posted by yanniej on August 24, 2016

Every week faithfully my grandma would tune into channel 3 to wait for the annoying theme song that I grew to hate with a passion. I come to realize that even to this day while I am not being forced to watch “DAYS OF OUR LIVES” I still have to talk about… Soap Operas!  But with an open mind and an unbiased opinion I challenged myself to find the reason why my grandma and her posse of friends enjoyed soap operas so much.

Reading the article “Growing Old Together” by Sam Ford gave me a new frame of mind as well as educated me on information that I was unaware of. I never knew the time, effort, story lines, personal problems of the actual characters, viewing ratings, cast replacements were all things that came along with the production of these decade long shows. Within the article I was provided with a little intake on these things by getting some background knowledge from the longest running soap opera which was As the World Turns. Within the show Tom Hughes was a character that defiantly added depth to the story line. From being the first to be born on the show, getting married numerous of times, to being played by other individuals, following allowing with this character in the article gave me the ability to learn about things that happen on the set of soap operas. Aging the characters to create new story plots which is a process known as SORAS gives soaps the ability to have these numerous of story lines over decades of years. Soap operas create story lines with a lot of unexpected events, recalling previous things and making story lines that involve love or relationships which creates something that the views can connect and relate to.

What women does not love watching movies about love or relationships? If that wasn’t the case there wouldn’t be so many chick flicks on Netflix. Which makes it clear why my grandma is pretty much obsessed with Days of Our Lives as much as I am with many of the Netflix series. While I might not ever be interested in soap operas the way I view them is the NETFLIX BEFORE NETFLIX…which makes sense to me if I put it that way!






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