Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Final Project

Posted by marylennoxhalf on May 11, 2017

MaryLennox Halfacre, Emily Childress, Emily Morgan

FOLD link- https://fold.cm/read/MLEmEm/nicolas-sparks-book-to-movie-bLDWjiuA

Since we were interested in using FOLD in this project, we thought it would be best to use book-to-film adaptions through a specific author to really prove our point. The author that we chose was Nicholas Sparks. We agreed that by using Nicholas Sparks, we would have many examples that would explain the topic of book-to-film adaptations effectively. Nicholas Sparks has given us some of the greatest love stories of all time not just through novels, but through movies as well making his one of the greatest authors of all time.

We want to start out by showing just how known Nicholas Sparks is. We would like to include the awards that he has received and many of his recognitions. We would also like to give his backstory and why he writes the way he does in the genre he does and how he gets the audience’s attention.

Each one of Nicholas Sparks’ books have an attention getter that even if the movie is not any good, people will still go see it because it was inspired by one of his famous novels. By using FOLD, we can show the audience in WordPress his thought process. Every story is a love story, however, there is always a catch in every movie that no one really expects. This is mostly because novels in certain ways are different from movies. We would like to compare different movies that were inspired by his novels creating the reasoning for book-to-film adaptations.

We also demonstrated Nicholas Sparks’ way to show the different topics that we have been discussing in class throughout the semester. We would like to incorporate certain advertisements that get people interested in the movies. When watching certain ones, we noticed that there was a pattern where we would see “Based on a Nicholas Sparks Novel” somewhere throughout the advertisement. With this, we want to show how spreadability really works by showing the audience that people are just interested in the movies because he wrote the book.

We compared certain movies that have achieved more than others as well. To do this, we are going to research different box office ratings and the money made from each book and novel to identify the difference between the movies and the books.

Since Nicholas Sparks only creates love stories, we also thought it would be interesting to take some of his best sellers and compare them to non-Nicholas Sparks books and movies to see how well his did compared to others just in the general love drama.


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