Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Where Web 2.0 Went Wrong Part 3 (2/14)

Posted by sydneyb612 on May 1, 2017

In this part of the book I noticed they talk a lot about how social and economic media are integrated. Although I do not have a deep knowledge of anything economic at all, I still think this is an interesting point.  So, in this thing called web 2.0 it is all about promoting and advertising certain products. If the authors are saying the social advertisements are integrated with the economic advertisements, are they saying both types of advertisements are the same? This chapter and concept was very confusing to me. I get the whole point of why web 2.0 is this way and why the creators are trying so hard to advertise to consumers, but why has in the past decade this become a thing. I get it is easier to find out people’s interest and advertise to the consumers likes more specifically now than it ever was, but honestly who has the time for this and why has it become so much more important. I mean back in the day it was just plain news and plain articles. I just do not understand why we need all this fluff and frilly nilly stuff on the internet. This decade and this century just becomes increasingly complicated as time passes by. Why is everything on line over detailed and unnecessarily planned? I just do not understand how life got so complicated and complex so quickly. I miss when things used to be simpler. When there was just one search engine and no social media and less stress.


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