Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

What Constitutes Meaningful Participation Part 2 (3/30)

Posted by sydneyb612 on May 1, 2017

So, what stood out in this reading was that every time there is a new consumer, there is a new producer. This meaning the more people that consume media the more people they need to help produce media. To keep up with the content consumers want producers have to work extra hard. There are so many demands and request from consumers that are all over the place and have such a big range to keep up with these demands I’m sure they are hiring new producers every day to come up with ideas. These producers I am sure are stressed because you truly cannot make everyone happy, sometimes you have to comprise one thing to get another thing. In media producers content is constantly being criticized and praised and then criticized again. To keep up with that would put a strain on anyone, that is why in the media they are constantly swapping producers in and out to create new content and have people with fresh minds and fresh ideas. Online you will see more critical comments than you ever do positive ones and this is a problem. Those producers need people who are going to tell them what they are doing right so, they are not constantly changing everything in this product they have created. If producers tended to every negative comment by the end of what they were doing they would not have even a sliver of what they started with. These producers would have an entirely new product and that would defeat the whole purpose of a producer.


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