Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

What Constitutes Meaningful Participation Part 1 (3/28)

Posted by sydneyb612 on May 1, 2017

So, the article I read for this one was “Soulja Boy and Dance Crazes”.  To think that this was ten years ago is honestly just insane. Seven years ago, I was in third grade doing a cheer routine to this song. I was only 9 when this song came out so it was not a huge deal for me from what I remember cause at that point in my life the number one thing in my life was family. I did not have a lot of friends or go out and do a lot of stuff at that point in my life, but I do remember that song and that music video and how it spread like wild fire. In my lifetime, this was the first real big dance craze I remember. Soulja Boy was a huge hit and I remember hearing it almost everywhere I went. The creators must have done some good advertising with that. Even though I was young and really had no clue what the meaning behind this song was I could do the whole dance and still can to this day. Why is this something I remember out of all the memories I have? I do not know. That is the beauty of media that spreads all over, sometimes you know exactly why something is cool or popular. Other times you have no idea how people became so obsessed with certain content, it just sort of showed up and took the world by storm one day.


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