Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Understanding the U.S. Soap Opera Part 2 (3/9)

Posted by sydneyb612 on May 1, 2017

Okay first off I did not realize how crazy some of these soap operas get. This one soap opera has over thirteen thousand episodes. Like how crazy can someone’s life be. I mean my life has been a hot mess since the fifth grade and it has been one sad event after another, but I do not think it would take me thirteen THOUSAND episodes to tell that whole story. I mean who has the mind capacity and time and focus to watch all those episodes and keep up and understand what is going on in the show. I personally would have to take years of my normal life to sit down watch and understand this show. Also, the actors don’t they get tired of being on the same show for so long. I understand in soap operas they kill off a lot of people, but they also usually keep a few consistent characters going throughout the show. Also, how does one producer come up with this much content for one show? To make this soap opera work their advertising for the show would have to be incredible and they would have to keep new producers for the show on deck always just to keep the show running. So, soap operas are just dramatic and sad things and sappy romances that happen in a person’s life. How do you create thirteen thousand episodes of this in one person’s life? I understand what these actors are acting out is not true, but still I feel like this would take a huge emotional toll on everyone involved.


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