Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Understanding Professional Wrestling Part 1 (3/21)

Posted by sydneyb612 on May 1, 2017

So, all the knowledge I have of wrestling come from a seven-year-old I babysat back in the summer of 2013. This little boy was obsessed with WWE and everything professional wrestling. One time he jumped off his swing set to try and crush his younger brother. He did this because the professional wrestlers will climb up on the side of the ring to try to jump on their opponents. That day he broke both of his arms. In my opinion his parents should not let him watch wresting because he takes it way to seriously. When I showed up to class that day and watched all these wrestling videos all I could think is basically these are a bunch of little grown adult men doing almost exactly what little Luke was doing the day he broke both arms. Honestly what is the point of men getting in little leotards, getting in basically an open box, and fighting. Like honestly what is the point of this? Is this what people are calling entertainment now days? Why does everything have to be so violent and angry and sweaty? Do these wrestlers even fight though? I feel like this is all just one big publicity stunt to get people all hyped up and spend their money on something that is not even real. I have more questions about wrestling than I do answers after watching these matches. Also, when the girl wrestlers get all glammed up and then wrestle I mean come on that is just sad and pathetic.


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