Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Thinking Transnationally Pt. 1 (4/20)

Posted by tommistowers on May 1, 2017

The internet is a powerful source to connect us with other countries in the world. Reading the online essay, The Revolution is not Spreadable, made you think about different parts of the world. This article focused on India, both Bharat and India. India is richer while Bharat is the poor. This then leads me to the second article I focused on which was From Weird to Wide. “If humor and creativity are evenly distributed on a global scale, we might anticipate encountering creative new content as people in different parts of the world gain Internet access.” This really stood out to me because it had me thinking, what if everyone in the world had the same internet access as I did? The United States is so technologically above every other country that we don’t even consider the people who only have wife to talk within each other from close quarters. I recently just had a friend who went on a mission trip to Africa. The first thing he talked about when coming back was how we have it so good here. Even through the poor connection I could tell. I just wish all countries had the technology we had. Once they have technology other things in their life will start improving because they will gain access to the internet. These articles really made me realize that if we all had the same amount of media access in the world, the world would have more resources and information on important and life-saving topics that other countries have no idea about.


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