Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Thinking Transnationally P1 (04/20)

Posted by katemilner9 on May 1, 2017

Transnational media is a concept I was frankly unfamiliar with before this class. Having grown up in the US, where there’s a good amount of our media influenced by or directly borrowed from other cultures, and it’s easy to forget that it is something that deserves a name. The section in Targeting Desis really helped to illustrate it, when it used the example of MTV making channels for Desi, Chinese, and Korean medias to be shared and seen by others. While it describes the endeavor being ended, and the project failing, today, we’re seeing more of a transnational approach to media than ever. In a direct relation to the examples seen here, in the past few years there’s been a huge western interest in Bollywood films, and, most notably, Korean pop music. These medias are both sold to the west as new, and inventive things, where half the appeal is how different they are from what we have here.

It sort of goes against what this essay goes to point out- while perhaps at the time of MTV K, there was no demand for a channel like this, and it was easier to just rely on bloggers, and small scale content creators to pick up the slack, today’s media landscape seems to look for more and more opportunities to diversify, and it works. If we take a chance on making room for more transnational medias, we might be able to find that it can bring new success to channels, regardless of what MTV found in the past.

One Response to “Thinking Transnationally P1 (04/20)”

  1. I was also quite unfamiliar with transnational media before this class. You also brought up how “in the past few years there’s been a huge western interest in Bollywood films, and, most notably, Korean pop music.” I also noticed when this started happening. Very interesting.

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