Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Thinking transitionally pt.3

Posted by emmaeled on May 1, 2017

The last few pages of the book were spent wrapping up some terms and concepts that were used, explained, and shown through out the many chapters. Open-ended participation was discussed frequently. Open ended participation deals with audience appraisal, critique, and circulation. The current media culture is becoming increasingly participatory and interactive. However as we learned earlier there is a pyramid of participation. Some people don’t participate at all and they just “lurk” some simply circulate content others create and others are the creators. It is also important to note that not everyone is able to participate either by lack of access or equipment needed. I think our class really embodied the importance of audience participation. Some people in our class were lurkers and didn’t really come to class but maybe just posted online. Others were at the top of the pyriamid with really in depth analyses of the chapters and always ready to discuss it in class. We were forced to participate in someways, like all of us having to teach the class at one point. The participation was important because we learned through sharing our experiences and stories through out the class. Even though there are people with perfect blog post records but zero class attendance, we were still able to learn from others in their participation online. Interpreting the texts and the situations discussed in class made for a great experience overall and really shows the importance of meaningful participation.



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