Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Thinking transitionally pt. 2

Posted by emmaeled on May 1, 2017

This last chapter discussed many important aspects of media and spreadibility. Form Kenyan music videos to Nollywood and to diverting entertainment. The topic of piracy and circulation was very important when talking about the globalization of media and the intrusiveness cultures can have on others. While piracy is illegal and wrong because the original creators and producers are not getting what they deserve, it also helps circulate content. Many people in Nigeria and south america would not have seen their home land made movies if it were not for the work of pirates. In some ways it helps the original creators grow and benefit but in other ways it hurts them.

The globalization of media is also important to discuss. When other cultures encroach on ones that have less weight in the world it can take away from their media that is trying to grow. The cultures can also begin to become homogeneous from a media stand point. This is similar to the Makamende memes in Kenya and the Chuck Norris memes in the U.S. both ran a long the same basis but for some you had to know the culture of the land to understand them.


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