Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Value of Media Engagement Part 1 (2/23)

Posted by sydneyb612 on May 1, 2017

Oh boy, where do I even begin with this one. This has a special place in my heart because Glee was huge part of my teenage years growing up. So, I obviously read the article “Performing with Glee”. This is one company that totally sold me a ton of their products and I was an avid consumer. I mean I bought every album on I-tunes. I bought every t-shirt or bracelet or pair of even Glee socks I could get my thirteen/fourteen-year-old hands on.  I went to the season two concert. I got my book signed by Chris Colfer when he wrote his first book. I was obsessed, the creators really did an amazing job advertising clearly. One thing that really stood out about Glee is that it was so real and so relevant to me at the time. I related with the characters who were outcast and did not really have any friends and I related to the characters that were going through heart break and hard relationships. Everything about this show made me feel like I was not alone in what seemed like this big scary world of middle school and high school. Now that I look back on it the people who advertised were brilliant because at the end of every show they showed the link to the album from that episode on I-tunes to basically remind you to go buy it right now, which is exactly what I would do. Then I would listen to it on repeat till the next week’s episode. This was the first-time spreadable media really trapped me into a fandom.


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