Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Value Of Media Engagement P3 (03/02)

Posted by katemilner9 on May 1, 2017

I think the idea of transmedia engagement is one of the most interesting concepts we’ve taken on, because, as a technique, it’s one of my favorites to see used. It’s so interesting to see how media creators can build together a cohesive narrative throughout multiple medias. One of the most popular examples we see is the expansive universe Marvel has made in the past few years. To really get the most out of the stories they’re telling, you have to keep up with not only the films, but the comics, the cartoons, and the TV series. It creates a universe where you have to dig and look for different pieces to get the full story, to fully appreciate what all they’re accomplishing.

We have to wonder though how this can serve as a deterrent to some potential fans. While some  people look forward to getting lost in expansive canons, to others it can make a media seem to intimidating. If in order to get caught up on the full expanse of the media, you have to spend an excessive amount of time digging around for the full story, how many new, more casual fans do you think will take the time and effort to get truly emerged, the way die hard fans from the start are?  It brings us to a question of quantity versus quality: do we want more fans that engage with the media in a shallow way, and take it, for the most part, at face value, or a small, yet mighty fanbase, that shows the kind of dedication and engagement to keep track of a transmedia narrative?


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