Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Where Web 2.0 Went Wrong, Part 2 (2/9)

Posted by sydneyb612 on April 30, 2017

The idea of web 2.0 is starting to make a lot more since to me now that the explained it in this chapter. So, from what I understand they are saying that this term “web 2.0” is talking about that this web is for promoting and distributing ideas and things on the internet. This is the group of people that strategically plan what is going to pop up on your screen, to side or in the middle of what you are doing online. It is sort of weird to think how much work and effort is put into trying to sell people stuff or promote stuff online. Do they individual customize every computer or do they just take the social norm or what people like? It is scary to think how much control people on another computer screen have over your computer. People always say nothing on the internet is private and everything you search is basically recorded. Most people take this with a grain of salt, but this is harder to do when you know more about what is going on in the background of the deep dark web. In the book the authors also talk about how little control users have of what they are seeing on their computer screens. I know you can block ads and set certain things online to private, but how private can you make your computer without paying some sort of cost or consequence. Should more users be concerned about what is going on on the other side of their screens?


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