Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

We’re Breaking Free 4/18

Posted by emilyfalicaa on April 30, 2017

While Taylor Swift might have the ability to pick and choose what platforms share her music, for many artists they aren’t able to get one platform much less share her privilege. Courting Supporters for Independent Media Part 2 explains that giving away your media can be one of the most helpful ways to get your product out there. First; because it’s free. And second; it gives fans an ability to make money for you.  This turns using supporters to create a competitive market for your product a getting beyond the amateur status. It can be a try or die method when trying to get beyond that point. The chapter explains that torrent sites can be a way of pushing off with your career. Torrent sites allow the mass downloading of files, specifically music, to be share at no price. And sometimes illegally. Using torrent sites to spread you media projects the idea that a limited number of people will view your material, so give it to them for free so there is a higher chance they will share it and bring in just a few more supporters. Later you can try to make a profit. This method gives emerging artist who don’t have platforms asking for them to create their own and therefore, break free from the pack. It provides you with the ability (if successful) harness the support fans created and turn it into merchandise, tours, and eventually solid CDs that actually brings in revenue pushing producers into the beyond.


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