Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Thinking Transnationally 2 (04/25/17)

Posted by briannaembry on April 30, 2017

spreadability and cultural diversity are very directly related in the since of as the spreadability of media content increases, the amount of potential cultural diversity also increases. Spreadability, of both mass and niche media content, allows for more people to view this information, perhaps spreading it along and creating a fan base. On a transnational spread level, cultures are able to exchange memes, content, videos, and even music tastes. I would venture out to say that, as an avid user of social media, the most spreadable transnational content I see comes from the UK. This makes sense, as there is not language barrier within this content with the United States. However, recently, I have been noticing a huge rise in the existence of Korean media and K-pop in the Untied States.


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