Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Value of Media Engagement P2 (02/28)

Posted by katemilner9 on April 30, 2017

)This portion of reading did a really good job at bringing up how many unknowns there are in considering the audience of a media. It really is all just a guessing game when it comes down to it. In an industry where it makes all the difference what ads you choose to run, and what audience is pursuing the goods and services advertised. It’s hard to know what you’re advertising for when you can’t get an accurate read on your consumers. It leads to the failure of some seemingly popular cult series. When shows assume the target audience, and they assume wrong, the advertisements don’t properly work. Advertisers pull their support, and  without advertisers to support the series, there’s no money to continue on with it. It doesn’t make sense to move forward with a project if the distributor isn’t able to profit off of it.

This guessing of audience has become even harder with the introduction of online streaming, and easier access to illegal, pirated copies of shows. Finding a live stream of your favorite show, or a download after the episode has aired doesn’t contribute to its ratings in the first place, and it also makes it harder for the media distributor to get a gauge on it’s audience. We oftentimes forget, in this age when everything is at our disposal with little to no work, our engagement with medias we enjoy are vital to their success and survival. We need to keep in mind the importance of our support, and be more conscious viewers.


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