Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Reappraising the Residual p1 (2/16)

Posted by katemilner9 on April 30, 2017

Before this article, I hadn’t thought about YouTube being used as an archive having any sort of negative side effects. It seemed logical, that a site that allows video clips to be uploaded would learn to live with copyrighted materials being a part of that. It only made sense that this new technology would be used to create an on demand sort of video archive. But, this article points out why that isn’t as easy as anyone had once expected, and why media creators and distributors wouldn’t be exactly thrilled to have another service posting their content and getting the audience for it, for free to users, nevertheless. It isn’t a surprise that media producers aren’t a fan of people uploading clips without their permission, regardless of how often people will find roundabout ways to do it anyways. It’s also interesting to have a reminder that parody is a way of just piggybacking off of another work’s success. Due to its creative nature, it’s easy to think of it as separate all together, but in the end, it really does rely on another media existing to mimic.

This all leads us to wonder if there’s a future for a service in that nature to come around though: could we ever see a day where there’s some type of online archive for video clips from works made accessible for people to analyze, or use in examples. It’s one of those times where the business side of media takes over in a way that sure, logically, makes sense, but we wonder why it couldn’t change to be a little more friendly to media consumers.


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