Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Meaningful Participation! (3/28)

Posted by tommistowers on April 30, 2017

While reading this online essay it made me realize how the older shows in the late 1990’s often invited their audience to participate. In the essay Television’s Invitation to Participate showed great examples of audience participation. The essay states that there are three forms of invitation emerging: overt invitation, organic invitations, and obscured invitations. An overt invitation was where the television show obviously invites a viewer to become involved. Back in the 90’s, American Idol and America’s Best Dance Crew had a huge audience participation where the audience chose who they wanted to stay. Now a-days, there’s only a few shows such as The Voice. An organic invitation is where a television show assumes that viewers are already engaged. The best example back in the 90’s was Degrassi. The teens on Degrassi were texting, IM’ing, and using social media throughout the show. A great example now a-days is Pretty Little Liars. I chose Pretty Little Liars because you constantly see them texting each other throughout the show and receiving a text from “A”. An obscured invitation is where a television show demands viewers to unravel the meaning. In the 90’s the television that often did this was Lost by hiding meanings throughout the island and about the island and characters itself. A great example of this obscured meaning now a-days is the hit television show Prison Break. Prison Break does ab excellent job about hiding the meaning throughout every episode and leaving you with questions. Especially the new season that just came out. I chose this specific reading because it caught my eye to all the different television shows that were and still are having participating throughout their audiences without them even knowing.


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