Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

In Conclusion… 04/27/17

Posted by briannaembry on April 30, 2017

Overall, Spreadable Media is not the type of book that I would pick up from a shelf and start reading on a whim. However, this book is really well-written and provides some valuable information on the topic of pop culture today. I believe that the biggest thing that I pulled from this book and applied to real life is based around participatory culture. IN any form of media, the audience is the most important part. The audience or fan-base of the media is responsible for the spreadability and circulation of the work. Companies make their money based on the choices that the audience makes, whether it is to watch that 30 second ad on your favorite YouTube blogger’s video, or even liking that photo that your favorite brand posted on Facebook last week. I never realized what an impact we have on the media today until I read this book. We control the fate of spreadbility and that is a big deal to the fate of media and brands.


One Response to “In Conclusion… 04/27/17”

  1. I agree this wouldn’t have been a book that I would’ve pulled off the shelf ready to read. I also did learn a lot from it, and I also took away that the audience and fan base is very crucial.

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