Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

February 9th

Posted by cameronbrooks3 on April 30, 2017

In this blog it discusses what is Web 2.0. Van Dijck and Nieborg said in 2009 that, “Web 2.0 represents a reorganization of the relations between producers and their audiences in a maturing Internet market, as well as a set of approaches adopted by companies seeking to harness mass creativity, collectivism, and peer production.” What this says to me is that producers try their best to please the audience, as well as companies coming up with new ideas for media. They say it’s no Web without the word WE. Although this is not only true but it’s a meaning behind it. We as the audience and viewers has a lot of of power when it comes to the internet and media. We give these companies feedback on either we like what we see or use or not. Although I’m not should that’s the true meaning on the ready why we is in Web but in my cause it makes a pretty good idea. We in Web is just like the You in YouTube, it is a website for us to enjoy. Wheather it’s watching music videos, make up tutorials, movies and so much more YouTube is something that gets everyone involved and even can make a career out of it. Their are people today that make YouTube videos because they are couples or just talk about their everyday life and people are really interested in it. With the more views and the more likes they get, the people get paid for this and end up getting a good paycheck from YouTube.


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