Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

February 23rd

Posted by cameronbrooks3 on April 30, 2017

The beauty of Glee is that they make a sad story into something magical. Glee is a show that is about a group of ambitious students that try to escape the harsh realities of high school by joining a glee club, where they find strength, acceptance and, ultimately, their voice, while working to pursue dreams of their own. The reason it is called Glee is because of gleeks and apparently the cast are geeks that have no confidence in their self. After the first Swanson what a success, to still retain fan interest they decided to do something new with social media to get fans engaged until another season came out. It was called “Glee Superfam Player” where fans get to buy music, create photo booth pictures with the cast of the show and even play some episodes of the show. What this does is gives fans something to always remember the show and keep them involved with the show as well. Not only you can use the Glee Superfan Player site, but on YouTube they have videos and even talented people in the world that upload their favorite songs from the show singing it word from world. Glee is more than just a television series, it really does give people a new perspective on life saying no matter if your gay, handy cap, or even a smart “geek” you should keep doing what you love and don’t let nobody get in the way of what you want to do on your life.


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