Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Designing for Spreadability Pt. 2 (4/11)

Posted by tommistowers on April 30, 2017

During this section the chapter talks about the designing for spreadability media and what it takes to be successful. To be a successful creator you need to realize one thing, the media is unpredictable. Lotz states that Television, film, and recording industry executives all work in the universe in which they know full well that more than 80 percent f what they develop and create will fail commercially. The key problem is they don’t know which 10 or 20 percent might actually succeed. Successful creators understand the strategy and technical aspects it takes to make a content more likely to spread. Some strategy and technical aspects involve how the content is made easily accessible to their audience and something that is useful to the audience. Some steps to becoming a successful creator include availability, portable, easily reusable, and relevance. The availability is the first big step. You want to make your content available whenever and wherever for your audience for it to become useful. Availability also connects with portable because audiences want the content “on the go”, that why they aren’t stuck in one place. Easily reusable is just media that simply spreads and spreads quickly. The last step stuck out to me the most, relevant to multiple audiences. Relevant to multiple audiences means that your content does not just target on a set audience. When your content connects to all ages your product will become more successful. Once you have a content that grabs someone’s interest that is the first key to success on making your content spreadable. This section made me realize that it is hard for content to start spreading believe it or not. Reading the percentages really shocked me because I would’ve never had guessed that number would’ve been so high. I also learned how to make content more successful for the future.

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