Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

April 18th

Posted by cameronbrooks3 on April 30, 2017

Now a days collecting comics or even reading them isn’t enough any more. It all comes down too if you really love comics, have amazing creativity and a mindset on trying new things than reinventing comics is in your best interest. Since more people are using webcomics people are now starting to create comics for very different reasons like hone their skills, demonstrate market potential, or to build reputation before going pro. We live in a world where the possibilities and opportunities are endless but it is up to you if you want to go for them or not. They say after awhile some writers might go to the printing stages, but majority of the the me people still do digal even when they have offers from print based publishers. Traditional comic models are structured around major publishers with independent and underground publishers constructed as alternative. What make media do great is that it helps fans get engaged and create opportunities for them as well. For example, new media platforms make it easier for fans to help their favorite artists attract new readers. With new readers mean new fans and new fans mean more people are interested and are wanting to buy what they have. This gives writers and fans a chance to learn about one another and interact with what they long as far as digital comics and printed copies of the comics. Overall, the reinventions of comics will be forever lasing and who knows with new ideas always coming up who knows what will be next!


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