Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

April 13th

Posted by cameronbrooks3 on April 30, 2017

It is always good to have new ideas and new technologies, but sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. To elaborate more on this, I mean that for example we are in the Year of 2017 where everything is new. New cars, smartphones, and even TV’s, but for comic books that is something that should be just left alone. As of today you can now get comic books online, now that doesn’t mean they are less important but to some people they are. Some of these comics weather they are D.C or Marvel comics they are rare because they don’t have anymore copies or it is the first edition of the comic that came it which can be vary valuable to people that are interested in comic books. I never knew how popular comics was until I started seeing comic con on television and in papers. It’s so serious that fans even dress up as their favorite superheroes or characters in the comics just to show off their costumes. Comic con is a way that comics are spreadable, there are multiple booths and sections with comics where you can buy or sell comics and even get signatures from the writers or cast. Even though you can purchase and read comics online, it’s just apart of the new world we live in that we don’t rely on paper anymore, for example why read newspapers when we got a app for it for go online to read a article, even though our grandparents still might read a couple of pages from it, it’s just something we are going to have to get use too.


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