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Wrestling Part 1 (March 21st)

Posted by vene131 on April 29, 2017

I definitely agree that wrestling is this thing where the storytelling borders on the line between real and reality TV. I haven’t watched much wrestling in my day, but I can definitely see how that is a huge part of it that makes wrestling appeal to its fans (you know, minus the fact that grown men are being slammed with chairs). I think that the article points out how the way they do storytelling is different than most TV shows. Because there is no primary text they use a lot of fan interaction to shape their stories. Now what I know of wrestling is what I have learned from my birth father. He was a professional boxer when I was growing up, so I knew a lot about how real boxing was but not much about how fake wrestling was. However, I know that he still watches it every Monday night and how WWE is like a Thing that his family has to watch every week because he says you never know what the writers are going to get up to anymore. From what he has told me, they used to use a lot more fan influences then they do now, which is ironic since there are things like Twitter that fans can use to tweet writers (I mean, I do that with my shows. The Shadowhunters writers probably hate me.) But I think the fact that fan interaction was even slightly part of the writing processes is commendable and probably the reason people kept watching. If writers will consider fan ideas at all I like to think they are cool people.


One Response to “Wrestling Part 1 (March 21st)”

  1. sydneyb612 said

    I believe your point on wrestling being a fine line of being reality TV is a good point. I just recently watched Sandy Wexler on Netflix. In the movie there was a guy who was a wrestler and his publicist told him what to do. They also in the movie talked about having a script and had pre-planed who was going to win the match. I know this may only be a movie, but is that something that may be slightly realistic in real life or is it completely fictional? For someone not truly interested in wrestling, I may never know.

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