Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Wrestling (March 23rd)

Posted by vene131 on April 29, 2017

“Wrestling’s lack of separation between actor and character—in the narrative and
in performers’ minds—has contributed to a significant lack of understanding from
cultural commentators encountering wrestlers’ stories of fan attacks.”

I think this quote is something that struck me when reading this article about the fans involved in the wrestling fandom. One thing that this class has definitely opened my eyes up to is the fact that fandom life can relate to just about anything; it’s not all about nerdy things anymore which is so cool. I think that this lack of separation between and actor and character is something that a lot of people have trouble comprehending when they see performers that are involved in more reality TV based mediums. From what I have learned, with wrestling they are not necessarily their character, but they definitely put parts of their own personality into their characters and this makes it difficult for fans to separate the two of them. So I think when people hear of these fan attacks, they are forgetting to consider the fact that these fans sometimes legit think these people are the character. Since a lot of these actor perform some pretty violent things, I think it kind of makes sense that some fans would think that the way to get their favorite wrestlers attention is through some violent act especially if they are trying to reenact a particular scene that they have done on WWE before. I mean, there are tons of actors out there who have certain lines from movies and shows they will always have fans shout at them on the streets. Wrestling fans just have a harsher approach because they watch a harsher show.


One Response to “Wrestling (March 23rd)”

  1. sydneyb612 said

    I totally agree with this. Fandom is such an interesting concept. It comes in so many different forms and way people show their appreciation for certain things. I think the point you made on violence was also a very good one because that is something that is so true and prevalent, but not a lot of people notice because in the particular fandom it is so normal and natural. You had a lot of great points.

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