Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

We Out

Posted by jacobkaraglanis on April 27, 2017

As we conclude our long, tedious, and monotonous journey through the pages of Spreadable Media (sorry Sam) and the many two hundred and fifty word blog posts that came along with it. I am vey ecstatic to be able to stay off of this wordpress site forever! (Unless I choose to troll the next class in the fall semester). Though I have not exactly enjoyed the two posts a week that this class calls for, I cannot deny that I have been able to learn a great amount about the insides and outs of spreading media. Also, as I am sure everyone else has noted in their blog posts for today, I had not noticed the significance of the dandelions on this book, until we came to the conclusion. I just thought these were some weird way to appeal to the eye of the reader. But really the dandelion really represents what this pop culture class has all been about. The dandelion has about two thousand seeds in it. Which is probably why my parents yelled at me for picking them and blowing them in my yard when I was younger. When these seeds catch wind, the land and plant a new flower (weed) in the ground somewhere else. So this whole dandelion metaphor relates to people and spreading media. For someone to effectively spread media, it takes the right conditions. There have to be seeds, some wind, and somewhere for the ideas to take root. With all these conditions in mind, and the great knowledge of pop culture that was instilled in us all this semester. I feel as though we are all much more capable of creating media that is able to spread and stick much more effectively. Thanks everyone for a great semester, and the chance for me to make a somewhat nostalgic blog post. Deuces!


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