Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Wind Blows Where the Wind Will Blow

Posted by emilyfalicaa on April 27, 2017

My favorite part of the conclusion of Spreadable Media, was our discussion in class regarding a theory behind dandelions. There is the concept that you can create a beautiful flower of advertising but once it is let loose you don’t know where it will go. A few months ago I went on a missions trip to Panama City Beach and our motivation all week was ” the wind blows where the wind will blow”. We were taught and told every day of that week that we could work the hardest, we could help people, we could build a pretty picture, we could do exactly what we were told to do. But the wind would blow the seeds of our flowers ( or works and words) to various places. In the end, we might see where that seed planted itself. Others might get lost. They might also blow around for years before they make any difference in someone’s life. And that is exactly how spreading advertisements works. You could spend months creating the perfect method to market your product. You could take all the right methods and balance them accordingly. You could find some awesome mode of getting fan interaction. But you don’t know where the wind will blow the seeds of your work nor how long it will take for them to flourish. The only thing you can do is work hard and hope your production spreads from person to person and plants a long lasting impact.


8 Responses to “The Wind Blows Where the Wind Will Blow”

  1. vene131 said

    I really loved this sort of motto you had on your mission trip, and I can totally see how it is relatable to spreadable media. I mean, we cannot control everything. All we can do is hope that something good comes out of everything we post/do.

  2. sydneyb612 said

    Oh Emily sometimes you are such a hippie at heart, but that’s okay. This is a really great point though and is so relevant to my life right now. My seeds have blown in every which way this semester and it has been complete chaos and it something I have some control over, but not entire control. So this was reassuring.

  3. You make a very valid point. Your mission trip motto I would have to agree is very reassuring and relatable to everything we have learned during the course of this class. Bravo

  4. faythleighann said

    This is a focus I talked about as well because I actually thought about the purpose of the dandelion in the online readings, but never understood it. You explained it perfectly because like dandelion seeds information that is put out there for the world to see can take any possible course and the possibilities are endless. It’s a matter of acceptance and relevance to our changing culture.

  5. cameronbrooks3 said

    I love the title by the way. Also i like the way your mission trip ties into what we have discussed in class this semester. Hopefully i will have the dream of going to Panama.

  6. emilychildress329 said

    I love the analysis of the conclusion that you gave. I also liked the back story you told along with it. When reading your post I could not agree most with the fact that everything could be going right in an advertisement, but it is when the advertisement is sent out that really matters. The producers have no idea if the advertisement will sell or not which is amazing to me.

  7. tommistowers said

    I love your title!!! Also I love how relatable it was! No matter how perfect you think your product you will never know truly how successful it will be! Remember only 10-20% of content will be spread. So which of these percentages will it be?? You made a great point about how you can only hope your product spreads from person to person.

  8. emmaeled said

    Its great to be able to take a theory and explain and use it in so many different contexts, it’s kind of like media itself. You can use it to explain and give a platform to anything you want and someone somewhere will find it and connect to it.

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