Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

It’s finally over

Posted by cameronbrooks3 on April 27, 2017

I can’t even lie it’s feels so good to say that this is the last blog for the semester. Of course it was fun while it lasted and got to learn new things in the world but it’s time to move on to the next big thing. Before I do that let’s talk about the conclusion, this book has explained spreadable media in a whole different perspective, either from technology in the present or in the past and how to make something old still ¬†relevant or new. One question that was asked in the book was how far should spreadability go? My response for that is I don’t know, let’s find out. If we make a decision on what we want the next big thing to be, we will either be satisfied or not. Throughout the years we have always been updated on the next big thing and even surprised, so if we make a decision on where we want spreadability to go where will the excitement go? Where will the creativity go? And most importantly what will we even be looking forward too IF we made that choice? It always feel good to have that rush inside of you ready for something new and just can’t wait anymore just like children on Christmas Eve they just can’t wait to open their gifts on Christmas morning which huge grains on theirs faces. Overall, this book is the true definition on what goes on during this time of media and it’s doesn’t feel right saying goodbye.


6 Responses to “It’s finally over”

  1. vene131 said

    I definitely agree that if we take away the creativity from where spreadablity will go, that takes away from the idea as a whole.

  2. sydneyb612 said

    I think this sounds awesome. That is really great that you got to take in and enjoy the class. I wish my semester had gone a lot better so I could have taken away a similar experience from the class. Hopefully I can go back and read the book more in depth and joyfully when my life is not as hectic.

  3. I agree with how our creative abilities better emphasize the course in which the spreadability of media will go. Without various means of creativity spreading of media will eventually slow out of pure boredom and annoyance.

  4. emilychildress329 said

    I agree that I am glad that this was the last blog post. I am also thankful that I actually got to learn a lot in this class. I think that creativity is one of the major keys in the way the media is spread. However, none of this would be possible without technology and the mass amount of use for it all around the world.

  5. tommistowers said

    I love how you stated where will the creativity go? Because without creativity these things will not spread. Without the excitement to spread from the audience the thing will not continue to spread! Great Job!!

  6. emmaeled said

    Its important that you brought up how we are always searching for or attempting to create “the next big thing”. Whether its a 15 minutes of fame meme or a new book series that will be turned into a movie franchise and eventually get its own theme park, creators are constantly trying to adapt to their surroundings and their audience to make something that will be popular and last.

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