Introduction to Popular Culture Studies


Posted by taylorbelcher on April 27, 2017

In the final chapter of this book, I thought it was cool that the authors included how Cory Doctorow explains how mammals keep track and “invest a lot of importance in the individual disposition of every copy of our artistic works” much like we do with our offspring. I also liked how they included “Doctorow’s analogy” even though it’s a metaphor. It made sense. The sentence I liked the most about it was, “Doctorow’s own example as an author…demonstrates how a dandelion-style strategy may help an obscure writer gain greater visibility and build a relationship over time.” This metaphor made it very easy for me to visualize culture “to the dandelion seeds simply blowing on the wind.” I also liked how they restated their claims that they made about spreadability from the beginning of the book. They said that their hope was that the claims would be more clear now, and after reading the whole book and seeing all the examples and facts, it does make a lot more sense to me. I definitely learned a lot of stuff about not only the kind of world and society I live in today but also media spreadability and transnational media by reading this book because it helped me understand things I either didn’t know or didn’t understand before. I also love how they included a Spider-Man quote, “With great power comes great responsibility,” because not only is it true, but I love superheroes so that was awesome. Lastly, I also enjoyed the last paragraph. The last sentence definitely stuck with me the most: “The shape of our culture, thank goodness, is still under transition…it is still possible for us to collectively struggle to shape the terms of a spreadable media environment and to forge a media environment that is more inclusive, more dynamic, and more participatory than before.”

2 Responses to “Conclusion ”

  1. adusheck said

    I also really enjoyed the dandelion metaphor used because it is very connected to the way that media spreads in today’s society. This is something that has been touched on heavily over the course and that is spreadability. Social media makes this so easy for us, everyday i get on social media and see something posted by someone I dont know due to a mutual friend sharing or retweeting something.

  2. tommistowers said

    Your post was similar to mine. We both stayed on the topic about Doctorow’s analogy through the dandelion-style strategy. But one thing you did differently is something that stood out to me on your post. You talked about the ending paragraph that stated “The shape of our culture, thank goodness, is still under transition.” This had me thinking what will our media culture look like in the future! Great post!!

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