Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Wrapping Up

Posted by Sean Hull on April 26, 2017

Though I suppose I ought to try and tie this final essay back to the content of Spreadable Media’s conclusion, to do so almost seems inappropriate: to attempt the simplification of a chapter that warns its readers away even from its own analogies such as that of the Dandelion seems to neglect the purpose of the book, which is to emphasize the complexity & unpredictability of media and its ever-multiplying manners of distribution.

I’d rather make my final blog post about the blog itself, and how much I’ve enjoyed it. Not only has it been an opportunity to train myself in impromptu writing, but has allowed me to see a variety of other interpretations of our readings offered up by my classmates. Taken in sum, the posts on this blog show a small sliver of the diverse of ways through which people engage with media, voicing their initial reactions, analyzing, and offering case studies. Hopefully I’ll also remember to check back from time to time, as I’m eager to see what group projects are developed over future semesters: if the course continues assigning novel services such as Deepstream and Fold for its group projects, I’ll be rapt.

I suppose if I am to make one blog post inappropriately short, let it be this one; there’s no good in padding my final submission simply for a word count’s sake. Farewell to this blog, and best of luck to my classmates in this & future semesters.


3 Responses to “Wrapping Up”

  1. tristendenney14 said

    I completely agree with you Sean and I love how you ended this. Though this semester may have come to an end and we no longer have to post on this blog, I truly enjoyed reading other people’s thoughts about our assigned readings. Also, I believe that is a large part of what spreadable media is, contributing to a media platform where others can see your work and potentially spread it. Therefore, I also wish everyone the best, and can’t wait to see where the media industries go in the future.

  2. lillieeastham said

    I found it particularly enjoyable to see how every chapter, people related the content back to their own favorite TV shows or movies. I thought it showed how the contents of the book affect everything from Glee to the WWE.

  3. emilyjones232 said

    I have also enjoyed reading the blog and seeing what TV shows, movies, or music people like. I have seen people post about WWE, Glee, Steven Universe, and more.

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