Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Pop Culture Capstone Extra Credit

Posted by marylennoxhalf on April 26, 2017

I absolutely loved listening to the capstone presentations yesterday afternoon. My eyes really were opened to Pop Culture as a whole, and how it can be seen in our everyday lives. I loved the passion each presenter had for their topic, and they had obviously done a lot of research on it.

Out of all of the presentations, the one that caught my eye the most was Marshall Metcalf’s comparison of Alice in Wonderland to drug culture. I had noticed the comparison,  in the past, but I had never done any research on it. I was interested to know the changes throughout the years of Alice in Wonderland, and how the popularity of the story had not died down. Metcalf compared some of the characters’ personalities in the story to similar habits that are portrayed when taking certain drugs. Alice’s pill to make her big or small was something that I had never put together. This could very easily be a true observation, and it is kind of messed up when you think about the use of a hidden meaning in children’s entertainment.

What I found most interesting about this comparison, is even though Disney is aware of the thoughts and controversy about Alice, they did not make a statement about it. I would think, that if they wanted to shut that idea down quick, they would make a statement to prove that it was not meant to be that way. By not saying anything, I think it encourages the use of the comparison.

Overall, I am very glad that I went to the Capstone presentations. It made me happy to see people have so much interest in a topic, enough to thoroughly analyze it. And in the big picture, how cool is it that they can say they did their senior capstone on something as cool as Alice in Wonderland, Bob Dylan, or Bob’s Burgers!?


One Response to “Pop Culture Capstone Extra Credit”

  1. nathanpowers22 said

    I think making a statement would probably just bring more unwanted attention to the issue. You said yourself that you had never put together some of the drug associations on your own, so even when denouncing the possibility, some people would still likely connect the dots and draw their own conclusions anyway. It seems to me that it’d be a case of “the lady doth protest too much.”

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