Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Peace Out

Posted by lillieeastham on April 26, 2017

While reading the conclusion, I began to empathize further with creators who are torn about the amount of people that become involved in their creation. It kind of reminds me of the dilemma that group projects sometimes present.

The main perk to working by yourself is that you don’t have to run anything by anyone else, your ideas are the best ones and there are no arguments. Working alone, you can make your project exactly how you want it with no outside input.

But, there are problems with this as well. I am not the smartest or most creative person on Earth, therefore my ideas aren’t actually the best, they’re just the best that I can think of.

This is where the group comes in, multiple people have many different thoughts and can raise a project to a level that one person could not have done alone.

On the other hand, sometimes someone on the project has horrible ideas and can lower it. PS this is just an analogy, my group is the bomb dot com in this class.

I imagine this is what creators deal with when deciding how much audience participation is too much. Obviously, the television producer is more qualified than you or I, but they can’t possibly think of everything. Many shows today adjust plot lines based on what they will believe will be popular with the fans, which makes sense because ultimately that is who the show is for.

This is where the group project analogy falls apart a little. In groups you are usually only preparing content for your teacher, and you couldn’t care less about it’s spreadability. Creators, on the other hand must work with their fans to some extent, or their content is worthless.


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