Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Peace Out Pop Culture

Posted by laurenivey22 on April 26, 2017

In the wrapping up of the book “Spreadable Media” it is crazy to think we have finally come to an end. Throughout the readings and the semester, I learned many new things that I will continue to keep in my mind as I go through my daily routines and wonder about the spreadable media of the world.
While going through the last couple pages of the book, dandelion-style really stood out to me. Dandelion-style is the value and the meaning get created as grassroot communities and then tap into creative products as resources of the authors own conversation. I believe that this related a lot to fan engagement which the book overall seemed to focus on a lot.
All the way from “They Live” to Soap Operas, and finally to WWE, this semester in Pop Culture has truly been an interesting one. The final conclusion does a very good job of explaining the many steps of media producing and consuming and what must be considered in order for good media success.
Peace out to all my classmates, and good luck to all of the future Pop Culture students!

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