Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

It Has Been a Ride, My Friends. (April 27th)

Posted by vene131 on April 26, 2017

I am so freaking happy because we ended this book with a metaphor. My English major heart is a fluttering. Well, it’s kind of a metaphor. Image result for spreadable mediaI have noticed that there have been dandelions on the cover of the book and I never really understood why they would choose dandelions. Like it is about pop culture and spreadable media so shouldn’t there me like an iPhone or something that prompts this kind of spreadability? I think the main reason I thought about this is because I plan to get the little stars from the Harry Potter series tattooed soon, so I kind of always assume things that are on covers or on the corners of books have some kind of significance. Image result for harry potter stars on bookWell ding dong I was not wrong! They say that dandelions produce over 2,000 seeds per year that fall off and blow all over the place. The same thing can be said for spreadable media. The seeds that spread throughout the world so easily is comparable to the way ideas spread throughout media outlets; it starts off in one place and has the capability of spreading in a variety of ways. I think that is a major point that the entirety of the book was trying to make about spreadable media.

I think the fact that our culture is “under construction” as the book points out is a really important thing to think about within spreadable media. Our culture is ever changing which means that the way we spread media is changing with it; nothing we do involving pop culture is ever static.

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