Introduction to Popular Culture Studies


Posted by emilyjones232 on April 26, 2017

How is this our last blog post of the semester? I am still in awe of how fast this semester has flown.

This section wraps up our discussion of the spreadability of media in today’s society. We have talked about soap operas, professional wrestling, They Live, and independent content creators. Our class has spanned many genres and now we have come to the final stretch.

After reading the conclusion, I really understand why the online graphic is a dandelion. As you probably know, if you blow on a dandelion, the seeds fly off in many different directions in the wind.

This is compared to spreadable media. Once media (the seeds) hit the world (the wind), it is free reign for anyone to use and enjoy. The best way for a content creator to gain a following is to use a method such as this: release the content and then encourage people to do with it what they will. Due to this school of thinking, fandoms sprout and give the content a religious-like following.

It has became more popular to release content in this manner or all at once, rather than in a corporate fashion: one at a time and heavily copyrighted. Companies like Netflix and Hulu make their shows or movies “binge-able”, making the media more accessible to the paying public and in turn, more spreadable.


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