Introduction to Popular Culture Studies


Posted by Kimberlea Ferrell on April 26, 2017

So, here we are. At the last section of the book, the last post here (aside from our final projects). I have one last illustration for you all.

A part in the conclusion once again brings to light that we spread media texts to forge relationships with one another. I remembered this myself just yesterday as I was looking for merchandise from an anime I recently fell in love with. As I scrolled through websites, it occurred to me that I was mainly hoping to find t-shirts. Why prefer a t-shirt over a plushie or a mug? It’s easier to show others your love for the show with a shirt you can wear. It’s also a nonverbal communication to other fans that “hey, I like this stuff too.” There’s always the hope that a fellow fan will notice your shirt and start a conversation with you about it. I eventually settled on a nice poster, which would still show my love for the anime to my roommate at least.

This class really opened my eyes about the media landscape we live in, which is important considering it’s a part of our everyday lives. The internet, media, is so intertwined with everything we do, it is essential to understand it. I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts here as we went through the material together.

I will leave you with a gift of ultimate remixing memes.


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