Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Transnational Media

Posted by adusheck on April 25, 2017

This reading furthered my interest in the question niche vs hit media as it touched on the subject again as location was added to the mix. It stated that we use the term global a lot which is false because not everything is global, rather transnational because there are still third world countries that do not obtain the resources for internet media as countries such as the United States and Latin America do. While I knew that media could spread internationally it is strange to think that there are British and Latin celebrities who we pay no attention to and others who are even more famous in their own countries just as celebrities in America go on world tours and things of that nature but make the most money in their homeland. An example of this that could also be considered a niche would be the show Shameless, although it gained popularity in the United States recently there is also a United Kingdom version. This show could be considered a niche for two reasons, one being the content is somewhat vulgar and is sensitive to a certain type of viewer, and two being its two versions based on location the states and the United Kingdom. The internet and cable television play a large role in this ability to uphold niche shows and gain them popularity because television channels such as HBO where the show is aired first BEFORE being broadcasted on Netflix is an additional fee to cable/dish customers who aim to watch a specific type of shows AND Netflix furthers this by suggesting shows based on shows previously watched as well as having subcategories.


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