Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Thinking Transnationally Pt.2

Posted by cameronbrooks3 on April 25, 2017

Throughout all of the chapters we have read talking about media and cultures, I like how it isn’t so caught up on just the United States but also talks about other cultures not involved in the US as well. When thinking transnationally it is like thinking outside of the box. Always looking for something new as well as something different to get a new feel of something. For example, music has played a huge role in not only culture but in media. “Kuduro music and dance reached the urban ghettos or Lisbon by the early 1990s via waves of African immigrations.” This is just one example on how music of another culture makes an impact. Africans really play a huge part when it comes down to music, during slavery they even sing songs that were yes catchy, but also a sign of codes. The African culture brings in rhythm, repetition, and just the soul of music that keeps the feeling and love alive. Saying that music doesn’t influence culture or even influence media is like saying social media doesn’t place a role in everyday life we live in. Overall thinking transnationally is thinking more than just yourself, it carries out in various ways and changes over time. Weather it deals with culture, music and media it is just the way we think and grow.


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