Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Thinking Transnationally Again

Posted by jacobkaraglanis on April 25, 2017

I is honestly hard to for me to think that our time in pop culture class, reading from Spreadable Media, and writing weekly blog posts is coming to an end. And as we come to the ending of all of these things in pop culture, we look in on the transnational spreading of media once again. This topic still brings me much intrigue. The ins and the outs of trying to decode and dissect the means behind spreading media transnationally and why certain things spread transnationally, and other things do not.

I touched on this in my last blog post about it. But I think that the reason some certain topics spread transnationally, is due to how easily relatable they all are. There are famous icons, popular songs, and sporting events. These three types of media are all very relatable kinds of media that the world is able to cling to. These are easily spread forms of media because they all appeal to us in a human way that breaks down all of the barriers that we separate ourselves with. Examples of this can be seen constantly in iconic figures like former world leaders, or famous celebrities. People are often to find that there are many things that are relatable amongst the famous people that we encounter in media daily. Media and news outlets in our day and age have become worldwide and allowed us as people to spread all sorts of things worldwide. And this spreading has created tons of opportunities for people to relate to others worldwide with their media, that they originally thought could only appeal to certain national audiences.


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