Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Extra Credit Opportunity

Posted by kaufmansw on April 25, 2017

Literature doesn’t have to be poetry.  Literature can be many different things.  It doesn’t even have to be words written on paper, it can be art or sound.  Pop Culture can do many things for us.  It has opened doors in history and allowed us to immerse ourselves in different forms of culture.  We’ve pushed through the electronic keyboard area in music and developed strong campaign ads.  Popular Culture is constantly changing and just like we’ve mentioned in class those who can adapt will succeed.  In the discussion we learned about Bob Dylan and how much he has done breaking barriers through pop culture.  No one expected him at the time to make the impact he did so that should give hope to people today, showing them they can make a difference.  As a society we need to immerse ourselves in popular culture in a productive way.  We can knock down barriers with helpful campaigns evolving from literature.  It just seems as if today not many people voluntarily read.  Most people just read because they’re forced to in school.  That desire to learn and better ourselves is something we’re missing.  The thing I liked the most about this presentation is how many questions it raised.  This is a good thing because it hit several hot topics and got the wheels turning in our heads.  Me personally, I would’ve laughed at you before if you would have told me that I could use literature to solve problems.  But the more I go through this class, the more I see that there’s a lot out there I don’t know about and if I give things a chance, I will learn new things.


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