Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Transnational Media

Posted by connorfrederick12 on April 24, 2017

In reaction and relation to today’s reading, a perfect example of transnational media is this blog itself. On just about any given day, you can look at the statistics of where blog viewers are from and it will just about always show that there have been viewers from across the world. Canada, England, Sweden, India, Denmark, Australia, Norway, Russia and Spain are just a few of the countries that have produced viewers of this blog. It is the perfect representation.

Another example that can mostly embody everything we’ve covered in this class, while also holding true to a transnational media scene is the famous (or infamous depending on your opinion) “Gangnam Style” music video. The video from the South Korean singer and rapper that currently holds the record for most viewed video on YouTube ever at 2.819 Billion views (and the longest reigning holder of that title at 1612 days as of April 24th, 2017) became an overnight, worldwide sensation because of the video’s obscureness, the easy to learn dance and the catchyness (these -ness words aren’t even words). These elements of one of the most famous videos of all time show another large theme we’ve covered in this class, the “stickyness” that a piece of media has. YouTube has provided the world with the perfect platform to put out nearly any piece of media and be able to broadcast it across the world within minutes of it happening.

Transnational media has become extremely important in today’s world when it comes to media spreadability.


2 Responses to “Transnational Media”

  1. kaufmansw said

    I really like the Gangnam Style reference because it perfectly illustrates how powerful media is today. I really like the fact we can interact with anyone in the world in a matter of seconds. I’m excited to see where it goes in the future.

  2. emilyjones232 said

    I also thought about YouTube. YouTubers from Australia or South Africa are famous here in America or vice versa.

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