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Thinking Transnationally Pt. 2

Posted by lillieeastham on April 24, 2017

I think America’s most obvious partner in media content would be the UK. While there are many niche audiences in the US that enjoy Japanese and other foreign medias, many British groups and shows have found legitimate success in the United States. While this should be obvious considering the relatively similar cultures, I find it interesting how even just a hop across the pond can cause friction due to cultural differences.

Of all of the late night talk shows, my favorite is The Graham Norton Show. This is a British talk show and while it often features American stars, it’s premise is very different. One big difference is that this show, and many other British talk shows, provides the guests with alcohol. The show also has all of it’s guests out at once, meaning that sometimes an up and coming British comedian is seated right next to Tom Cruise. These two things combined create an atmosphere that is much looser than any American talk shows. As an American, I take the time to occasionally watch the show on YouTube because although I sometimes don’t understand cultural references, I appreciate the more relaxed atmosphere that shows a different side of celebrities.

Another example of European culture that appeals to Americans is obviously One Direction. While their transition was obviously fairly smooth, their were a few moments that were lost in translation. I remember one controversy in which Irish member Niall Horan referred to a group of fans as a “bunch of c****”, which is highly offensive to American fans. While this term is considered vulgar in Ireland, it is not offensive and is mostly used as slang when referring to a friend. This shows that even cultures that share many similarities can have distinct differences in media


One Response to “Thinking Transnationally Pt. 2”

  1. adusheck said

    I totally agree with you about the content sharing/pairing between the UK and the US. Multiple shows have been recreated from the UK such as SKINS and Shameless.

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