Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Thinking Transnationally Part Two

Posted by faythleighann on April 24, 2017

I think that the topic of spreadable media being universal cross-culturally is an appropriate end to the book. As discussed in this part of the last chapter, it is important to take an deeper understanding of why spreadable media is so important to different cultures. The effect of this is more content permitted “to circulate across national borders”. Because of our use of media and the overlooked privilege to connect with people that we otherwise wouldn’t have, we can learn new cultural practices and information.

Often times, these influences are not easily recognized because they become so popular so quickly and become a part of our own culture. For instance, when we click on random websites in Google recommendations or watch Youtube videos from an unfamiliar blogger or even shop for foreign products, we do so subconsciously and without thinking about the cultural barriers we cross. However, not every culture can participate in the advantages of sharing media globally. Many parts of the world are not included in this cycle of universal spreadable media and can be cut off from resources due to this.

Our most popular social sites (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) are foundations for users to spread media without hardly any effort. Because of updates like Snapchat stories and Facebook/ Instagram Live, were are able to not only connect with others but do so instantly after the post , or even during it. These are the reasons that transitional media is so versatile and crucial to our understanding of media as a whole.


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