Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Spreadable Media Across The Globe

Posted by laurenivey22 on April 24, 2017

While reading this final chapter of “Spreadable Media” I learned that media in different cultures is a very important part of the media world. Its very important to take into consideration different cultures while talking about  media. Many times these cultural influences are not recognized because we adapt to them so quickly. I don’t, however, believe that media from other nations will ever dominate the united states because  we are so educated in our technology and media sources.
It is also harder for media to spread across the globe because it is so far away. It is hard for media to spread from state to state rather than country to country. It however, is also very easy to spread media. Someone from another country could pull up my posts on the internet if they tried hard enough. This reminds me of the time my computer got hacked by someone from Israel and I had to get it fixed. He was on my computer and moving my mouse around and it was honestly pretty scary how easily someone else, let alone from another country, could get on my computer and access all my information.
In conclusion, media across the globe can be both beneficial and harmful, but we need it regardless.

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