Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Once Again, I Relate Something to Glee (April 25th)

Posted by vene131 on April 24, 2017

One thing that I started to think about with the end of this chapter was how the spreadiblity of media has started to become a global market. I think it is important for us as a world to make finding information easier for everyone around us. I know that with other countries it can be difficult to access certain things that we Americans easily can; we disregard our privilege with technological advances a lot of the time. This can especially be said of people who are working in the entertainment industry and they are trying to access America’s Hollywood. This made me think of something like auditioning actually. I know that is a totally random thing to think about with this topic, but bare with me.

When people audition for roles, they traditionally did it by sending in a video of themselves on something like a CD. Easy enough. But actors started to realize how sending in auditions this way lessened their likelihood of it actually being seen. I think this is why the globalization of media is so important; it gives more opportunities to people from other countries that otherwise would not be able to.

Image result for the glee projectOne example that I can think of off the top of my head would be how people auditioned for the Glee Project. Now back in like 2013, the Glee Project was Very Important because whomever won got to be on the show. A lot of people auditioned, and the majority of them auditioned on YouTube! There were people from all over the world who auditioned for the show; it wasn’t just people from the United States. And I think that is such a cool thing because it demonstrates this transnational thinking that is shown in the chapter.

(Now I couldn’t find any auditions I actually liked so here is a video of Darren Criss singing a song from his new EP instead. Enjoy!)

And on a completely separate note (but forreal let’s see if I can make it relevant actually) Obama has returned from his hiatus. Uh this relates because everyone around the world knows he has returned because it’s trending on Twitter. Anyways, the important thing at hand is that fact that we have hope again my friends.


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