Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Transnational Media

Posted by briannaembry on April 20, 2017

Tonight’s selection of readings centered around the idea of transnational media. The reading that seemed to appeal to me the most- probably due to my interest in sociology and social affairs dealing with socioeconomic factors- was the article “From Weird to Wide.”

This article mainly discussed the difference in media participation among other people of other nations. It is simply no surprise that countries with an overall lower socioeconomic status lacks the distribution of technology to participate in meme culture. The author made a statement about intelligence being evenly distributed. I believe this to be true, but it definetly draws attention to a sad reality. While intelligence is evenly distributed, it is sad that the lack of technology and media could hinder people from reaching their full potential. This point kind of reminded me of the chapter in SpreadableMedia entitled “What Constitues Meaningful Participation?” Within this chapter, the term “systemic bias” is defined as “the ways that content creation in their grassroots project is limited and unbalance by the demographics of those who participate and who doesn’t.” (Jenkins et. al,)


2 Responses to “Transnational Media”

  1. I love that we read these articles about transnational media because I honestly probably would’ve never learned or heard about anything that they taught me. The “From Weird to Wide” essay also stood out to me the most.

  2. cameronbrooks3 said

    Transnational media is a great way to understand something or someone that is either not from or country or just believe in another culture. It brings out what other people feel in their very own opinions and ideas.

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