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Supporters and Fanart (April 18th)

Posted by vene131 on April 20, 2017

Our reading for today talked a lot about how sometimes media producers give the things they produce away. Now that is not to say it is completely free because they are gaining popularity because of the things they create when their fans like and share them. This got me thinking about fanart (which I am sure no one is surprised about). So with fanart the majority of creators make it for free. A lot of the time they just want people to like and reblog it (I see more fanart on Tumblr). When people like or reblog their art pieces it gain this circulation, and this make it more probably that other people with see what they have made. Many fanart producers have shops where people can buy their stuff. So because most of the time they create the art for free initially, they still have the capability of having their art bought after someone sees it. You see this a lot with really popular fanarts. People will make them and if a lot of people like and share it they will make it available in their shop in a variety of forms (bags, cups, buttons, STICKERS). I have previously stated my obsession for laptop stickers. They way I get them is through people who have made fanart on Tumblr and then decided to make it for consumers on Redbubble. I think with fanart the artists make things and they know that if a lot of people like and share it then it is of value and they know they have a market for it.

Now here are my fave fanart pieces because I just had to put them on here:

Image result for cute poc harry potter fanart



6 Responses to “Supporters and Fanart (April 18th)”

  1. I enjoyed reading your post and how it reflects the process in which media producers start out their careers by giving away free art, stickers, etc. In doing so, their goal is to become noticed for their work. I have to agree I have a sticker obsession myself. I’m from Louisville for example and in the Highlands area of town there is a growing rate of individual artists simply trying to become noticed in addition to various, small resturant owners. Through them, I have accumulated a wide variety of stckers of which I adore.

  2. lillieeastham said

    I think it’s great how fans can become such valuable contributors to the community surrounding their passion. Also, it shows how passionately fans feel about these things that what is initially created just out of passion quickly becomes something that can benefit them financially.

  3. Kimberlea Ferrell said

    It is a big thing that people creating fanart are laboring for free technically, even while it’s something they enjoy. When an artist opens commissions to make some money, I’ve seen people bewildered at the fact that they have to PAY an artist to draw them something, or at the prices for doing so. It takes a lot of time and effort from other things they could be doing or enjoying, yet some people don’t understand that. Also I love the fanart you put with your post!

  4. tommistowers said

    Great post! Fanart is how new companies or artists get their product out on the market. I like how you used the example of Redbubble. I personally had no idea what these laptop tickers were until college when they became a huge hit and everyone started buying them. To make a product successful your audience or buyers have to engaged!

  5. jasendavis said

    It’s funny that Amy said that. My mother has always worked on the east end of Louisville, and when I used to go with her to finish some work on the weekends, you see artists and musicians lining Bardstown road trying to draw attention.

  6. Reading your post made me think about how there is a variety of ways that fans can contribute to this industry. It’s really cool to compare. The examples you shared from others are really creative. I also LOVE laptop stickers.

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